Tackle Outfit tungsten ball jig heads are perfect for Marabou pairing

Hello fellow anglers, I'll start off by saying I'm no marabou tying expert but I did experiment this past summer with our very popular Tungsten Ball Head Jig.  To be more specific I used the 1/8 oz size however the 3/16 oz and 1/4 oz will work too. 

What's more exciting is I caught some very decent fish.  Even though we don't sell Marabou feathers or jig tying equipment, we do sell a fantastic tungsten ball jig heads to get you started.

Keep reading for a little history on the Marabou feather and why it can catch a bunch of fish.

Exploring Marabou Feathers: Origins and Characteristics

Marabou feathers, a staple in the world of angling, hold a distinct allure owing to their unique attributes and rich history. These feathers are sourced from the marabou stork, a large bird native to Africa. However, in the realm of fishing tackle, marabou feathers are primarily derived from chickens.

Marabou Feathers: Origins and Quality

Originally, these feathers were obtained from the marabou stork's underbelly, known for their softness and natural movement in water. Today, poultry feathers, specifically from chickens, are dyed and utilized in fishing jigs due to their similarity in texture and movement.

The distinguishing features of marabou feathers include:

  • Softness: Marabou feathers possess a remarkable softness that creates lifelike movements underwater, mimicking the appearance of prey.
  • Buoyancy: Despite their softness, these feathers offer a degree of buoyancy, making them ideal for jig fishing techniques.
  • Versatility: They come in various colors and sizes, allowing anglers to match specific baitfish or create attention-grabbing contrasts.

Advantages of Marabou Jigs for Freshwater Fishing

Marabou jigs have long been favored by anglers for numerous reasons:

  • Natural Action: Their natural movement in water entices fish, making them irresistible targets.
  • Versatility: Effective across seasons and water conditions, marabou jigs attract a wide range of freshwater species.
  • Ease of Use: Suitable for anglers of all skill levels, marabou jigs offer a simple yet effective fishing experience.
  • Allure to Multiple Species: From bass to walleye and panfish, these jigs consistently yield successful catches.

Catching Bass, Walleye, and Panfish Using Marabou Jigs

Smallmouth Bass

Smallmouth bass are drawn to the lifelike movement of marabou jigs. Cast near rocky structures, submerged logs, or along drop-offs. Employ a jigging motion to simulate prey movement.

Largemouth Bass

For largemouth bass, target weedy areas or near submerged vegetation. Employ a slow retrieve with occasional pauses to let the jig fall, mimicking injured baitfish.


When pursuing walleye, focus on deeper waters, especially during dawn or dusk. Use a vertical jigging technique near the bottom. Experiment with different colors to match their feeding preferences.


Panfish, like crappie, bluegill and perch, find marabou jigs irresistible. Target shallow areas with vegetation or structures. Employ a slow, steady retrieve to attract these species.

Find Your Jigs for Marabou at Tackle Outfit!

Enhance your fishing experience with our quality tungsten ball head jigs, perfectly suited for pairing with marabou feathers. Visit Tackle Outfit to explore our collection of tungsten ball head jigs, ideal for creating irresistible marabou jigs to attract various freshwater species. Tackle Outfit currently carries 3 different sizes jig heads to suite your marabou tying needs.    Don't forget our 1/8oz 3/16oz and 1/4oz tungsten ball jig heads feature sticky sharp, super strong BKK fresh water hooks.



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