Post Spawn Largemouth Bass - Where Are They?

As Ontario's lakes warm up after the spawn, largemouth bass transition into their summer patterns, providing anglers with exciting fishing opportunities. This guide focuses on two highly effective lure types for post-spawn largemouth: soft plastic baits and reaction-style baits. Learn how to use these lures to catch more and bigger bass in Ontario's prime fishing waters.

Soft Plastic Baits for Ontario Largemouth

  Plastic Worms:

  • Texas-rigged or wacky-rigged worms in 6-10 inch lengths
  • Colors: green pumpkin, black/blue, and watermelon red
  • Target weed edges and submerged vegetation


  Creature Baits:

  • Flip or pitch into heavy cover and laydowns
  • Use weightless for a slow fall in shallow water
  • Try the Adrenaline Craw, Adrenaline Bug Jr. or Muscle Back by Xzone Lures

  Soft Plastic Stick Baits:

  • Wacky rig or Texas rig for versatility
  • Skip under docks or overhanging trees
  • Neutral colors like watermelon or green pumpkin excel
  • Check out Xzone's True Center Stick or Gary Yamamoto Yamasenko for some awesome options

  Soft Plastic Swimbaits:

  • Paddle tail designs for a lifelike action
  • Use as a search bait in open water or along weed edges
  • Match local baitfish colors
  • Xzone Swammer Series are a great option

Reaction Baits for Aggressive Largemouth

  Topwater Lures:

  • Frog lures for heavy vegetation and lily pads
  • Create commotion to trigger strikes
  • Walking baits and poppers for early morning and late evening.  I always have a Rapala Skitter V tied on for these situations


  • Shallow runners for 1-5 feet of water
  • Medium divers for 5-12 feet
  • Lipless crankbaits for grass flats and scattered vegetation
  • Check out the versatile Rapala Rap V Blade


  • Use in windy conditions or slightly stained water
  • Great for covering water quickly
  • Vary blade sizes and colors based on water clarity
  • Terminator has some of the best spinnerbaits in the business


  • Combine the flash of a spinnerbait with the action of a jig
  • Excellent for fishing through scattered vegetation
  • Add a soft plastic trailer for enhanced action
  • If you don't have a Z-Man Jack Hammer Chatterbait tied on what are you waiting for!

Where to Find Post-Spawn Largemouth in Ontario

  Weed Beds:

  • Focus on edges and pockets within large weed areas
  • Use weedless soft plastics and topwater frogs
  • Don't underestimate brush piles, they love that cover

  Docks and Boat Houses:

  • Skip soft plastic stick baits or creature baits underneath
  • Work crankbaits and spinnerbaits along the edges


Lily Pad Fields:

  Submerged Timber:

  • Flip soft plastics into the cover
  • Run crankbaits and chatterbaits alongside timber and tree stumps

  Main Lake Points:

  • Use crankbaits and spinnerbaits to cover water
  • Follow up with soft plastics when you find fish

Techniques for Success

  Match the Hatch:

  • Choose lure sizes and colors that mimic local forage
  • Consider seasonal patterns of baitfish and crayfish

Vary Retrieves:

  • Experiment with different speeds and actions
  • Pause soft plastics on the fall for hesitant bass

Cover Water Efficiently:

  • Use reaction baits to locate active fish
  • Switch to soft plastics for a more finesse approach in productive areas

Pay Attention to Water Temperature:

  • As summer progresses, focus on deeper structure during midday heat
  • Target shallower areas during early morning and late evening

Top Ontario Largemouth Destinations

  • Lake Simcoe: Abundant weed growth and docks
  • Kawartha Lakes: Diverse habitat with plenty of vegetation
  • Bay of Quinte: Shallow bays and weed flats
  • Lake Erie: Harbors and marina areas
  • Rice Lake: Extensive vegetation and numerous islands
  • Gloucester Pool - Port Severn

Must have terminal tackle and fishing line for giant largemouth bass

Tungsten Worm Weights by Tackle Outfit

Tungsten Flipping Weights by Tackle Outfit

Hooks by Gamakatsu & VMC & Redline Series

Braid fishing line by Sufix

Sinker Stop - Weight Pegs by Tackle Outfit


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